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Something we all wanted to repeat but never got the chance. It was shortly after getting to know Julie, I had my first message from the beautiful Natalie, also in the States, whose exchanges I have already posted on Literotica. Your hot body from the sun - my cool body.' 'I'll remove my top ... I have lotion on my body - so you can slip back and forth.' 'You smell delicious. Let my hand slide down into your bikini bottoms.' 'I'm undoing them for you.' 'Feeling for the heat of your pussy.

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Julie's ambition was to visit Clara, and maybe try living with her and Clara's daughter Ellie, a college young lady. I'm gasping.' 'Prodding the entrance to your other dark mystery.

Julie was very much in love with Clara, a divorcee. I remember the three of us had a fantastic threesome one afternoon in a private room on the island. More please.' 'My body rubbing against yours - my nipples rubbing against yours. Others fingers playing with your hard little button.

When I saw her come on line, 'available', I started to chat with her.

Want to push your head against my pussy.' 'Oooo yes - what a beautiful pussy, Julie. ' 'Play with my nipples while you eat my pussy.' 'Study the love-juices seeping from your vagina. I so want to cum in your mouth.' 'Then - oh then - yes - my face leans in towards it - brushing your thighs. Tongue seeking the entrance to that feminine mystery.

I was having occasional sex online with Clara, as well as Natalie, during the week. I got rather too fond of all three and had to cool it off, though we have remained close friends ever since and still make love online when we can. We all decided to try instant messaging each other. Really in the mood for some fun.' 'Isn't this amazing!