How to stop ie from updating webpages

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I've got a web page where I'm using javascript to hide and display div's in the main text area.

The javascript is triggered by a set of links on the same page outside of this main text area.

This would simply replace the current URL on the browser history stack with the new URL for the new div being displayed.

So, when the user clicked on a link for another site, he could come back, and giving the name of the div in the URL, I could get the page to find the div and display it.

What IE does with the window.location.replace method is to add it on top of the browser history stack, instead of just replacing the top element. However, now I get a bunch of my page's URL's on the browser history stack when the user starts click around navigating simply on my page. However, the problem is when you start clicking the back button through all these URL's of my page that only vary by the div id.