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It was a fun drive, with great food at the Coinjock Marina.

On the way back, Wildflower started weaving and I stopped to discover that the left rear tire was flat.

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- Fun Run - Some friends and I took advantage of today's beautiful clear skies and mild temperatures for an old car fun run to Coinjock NC and back.

Richard and Sandy Hall led the way in their MGB-GT, with Terry and Sue Bond in their near-twin MGB-GT, me in Wildflower (49 MG TC), and Hillary and Jack Pavlidis in the 1967 Mercury Cougar that used to be Wildflower's stable-mate.

It was easy to change out, and we finished up with no further incidents.

I found out that the tire had slipped on the chrome rim and torn the valve stem off - too much torque from the 54.5 HP 4-cylinder engine!

All fixed now with a metal-stemmed motorcycle tube.