Is interracial dating biblically wrong

This is indeed for the greater good of the cause of Christ. Troy and Jessica Thompson (Alumni, classes of 19) I am amazed at the number of e-mails and comments I get regarding the "racist" views of Bob Jones University.I do not believe that this indicates weakness, but rather a clarification of the stance which the University strives to uphold. Bob and University family, for making this difficult decision. This topic deserves careful treatment, for its roots are much more than opinion: it deals with the legal system, basic morality, treatment of fellow mankind, and years of racial issues that have troubled our nation for years and mankind for millennia.I have faced the inter-racial dating policy frequently since attempting a defense of it on my personal web site.

Now, I am quite certain that detractors will question BJU--even some who previously supported the university.

But those who will separate from BJU on this decision have insufficient Biblical grounds to do so.

Bob, friends, alumni & University family: I just finished reading the transcript of the Larry King Live interview.

My wife and I would like to thank BJU for the change of the inter-racial dating policy. Bob's presentation of this on a public, live forum was an EXCELLENT decision, and one that should stem the word-smithing and editing that often twists conservative voices in our less-than-conservative media.

However, several messages expressed concern that this rule did more harm than good for the cause of Christ.