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ne day last May, shortly after a 12-hour operation that had surgeons flipping her around "like Cirque du Soleil" as they struggled to remove a grapefruit-size tumor and surrounding cancerous tissue from her pelvis, Robin Quivers finally discovered the limits of Howard Stern's sense of humor.

She had woken up around midnight in a darkened recovery room, lying immobile for seven hours, listening to other patients' bells and buzzers going off, pondering possibilities.

They emerged every couple of hours to share increasingly dire forecasts with Quivers' friend Susan Schneidermesser, who passed on the updates via phone to Quivers' other friends.

We guarantee comedian Jim Florentine has a new divorce bit in his act -- his marriage is over ...

but he and his ex have already divvied things up, and at least Jim will still have a place to write jokes. sources close to Jim tell us the exes have already reached a settlement agreement.

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    He also said he will donate his first million earned this year and money he receives from sales of his jersey, which is not the most purchased of any player in the NFL, to charity to further the cause.