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The infliction of corporal punishment is routine, arbitrary, and often brutal.Bruises and cuts are regular by-products of school punishments, and more severe injuries (broken bones, knocked-out teeth, internal bleeding) are not infrequent.Any views expressed are solely those of the author or publisher and do not necessarily reflect those of UNHCR, the United Nations or its Member States.

Kenyan disabled dating site

Anastacia Katunge's case was extraordinary, in part because of her parents' courage and initiative.

The local educational authority shifted her, and her mother's teaching job, to a new school.

There were bruises on my back that were bleeding, and on the hand. He said that it would be the last day that I set foot in that school." Her parents-her mother was a teacher in the same-school faced similar threats.

When her father, Willy Katunge, went to complain, the headteacher threatened to beat him too.

The headteacher was ultimately charged with assault, although the case was still pending in Kiambu District Court at the time of this writing.