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That’s what makes my wheels turn.”This isn't the first time Loken has talked about same-sex attraction–the topic has come up frequently in interviews ever since she was caught on camera kissing pop singer Pink in 2003.

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She began modeling at age 15 and quickly showed her acting talent.

Kristanna Loken: Terminator 3: Kristanna Loken's big break came from the role of a robot ' T-X' who takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So I guess I just tapped in on an inner strength that I've always had and somehow it just worked for the character."Blood Rayne: Kristanna Loken plays a half-human/half-vampire in Blood Rayne, a film written by lesbian actress/writer Guinevere Turner. Kristanna Loken on The L Word: On The L Word season 4 Kristanna Loken will appear as a single mom and love interest of Shane's.

Kristanna Loken Comes Out in Curve Magazine: In an interview with Curve magazine in March 2006, Kristanna Loken said, "I think love transcends.

When asked about the difference between kissing men vs.