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Will the movie be a reboot, relaunch, or retelling of the original story line?Will this be Indy’s swan song, or will the aging action star be dragged into a possible sixth movie?

Hollywood’s “reboot, reuse, monetize-their nostalgia” movement is in danger of setting a dangerous precedent that will continue to make money off a generation’s youth, according to Matt Brown from Regardless of the issues another reboot brings, the newest Indiana Jones movie is sure to draw crowds, but that might be only because fans are curious about the future of their beloved character.

Meanwhile, Harrison Ford went on to reprise his hugely popular character Han Solo after Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012. Abrams, who broke his back trying to help Ford off the movie set, according to .

The move cost the aging action star a broken ankle and eight weeks’ time spent resting and recuperating at his Los Angeles home. This time around, Ford, one of the world’s most iconic actors, who is now 73, will be 77 by the time the movie is released, which is stretching the character’s believability, not to mention the actor’s health.

The Indiana Jones franchise was created by George Lucas and Spielberg while the two were vacationing in Hawaii.

Now it’s looking more and more like Lucas will be absent from the next Indy iteration bringing into question the new film’s storyline.