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This could involve scammers using a stolen identity, stolen credit cards and fake photos.

New York, NY— November 21, 2011 – As with most things in life, everything has its pros and cons, and online dating is no different.

“Romance scams” as they have been termed, involve scammers trying to con and take advantage of those looking for love online.

Although JRetro Match highly recommends that the Jewish singles independently investigate any person that they go out with, the site does look into members, and does selective reference-checking.

Sites like are easier for finding real connections.” – Milana Miller (Photo: Esmeralda Michaca) “Hook-ups. You don’t get to know the person on a deeper level.

Online dating services have proven to be very popular, but they typically cost money to join. There are 3 new players in the market offering free online dating services: - Down To () - The latter seems geared to a younger demographic, so Clark has volunteered our producer Joel as a guinea pig to post an OKCupid profile and see what kind of bites he gets!