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Pre Launch I didn’t want to make a whole second persona that I would have to manage, so I didn’t sign up for any of the social media sites with the pen name.I did put up a website, using Word Press as the backbone, and started a mailing list with the sign-up form on the front page of the site.But at least I had two books to work with from the start and that was key in gaining some momentum.

I put some samples chapters up on the blog, but I don’t think that did anything, since nobody knew the site existed yet.

So far all I’ve done on the blog is post release information.

I wrote the rough drafts for the three novels this summer, but of course I was working on my own LB novels at the same time.

By the time the pen name books were beta read and edited, it ended up being more of a launch with two novels with the third coming almost a month later (it went live on Friday night, November 14th, and had 79 sales and 59 borrows Sunday night when I tallied everything).

Honestly, because I already sink time into my posts here, that’s all I’m planning to do in the future.