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You may know him as a three-time Formula One world champion, but there is much more to Lewis Hamilton than his love for fast cars and motor racing.

He tries to a tough buy, but starts wailing after 3-4 strikes, especially when they start landing on top of each other. There’s an interesting article on Wiki about Caning in Singapore, nothing similar for Malaysia though.

You better make sure you rob people before 7pm aye..

NEW YORK: Thousands of people protested across the United States on Wednesday over Republican Donald Trump's surprise victory in the U. presidential election, blasting his campaign rhetoric around immigrants, Muslims and other groups.

Twice-divorced Canadian actress Christy Chung drew applause and laughter at her fairytale wedding in Beijing, China on Nov 8 when she asked her husband, Chinese actor Zhang Lunshuo: “In the next life, can you marry me sooner?

East Malaysia (Borneo) shares borders with Brunei and Indonesia.