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Microsoft has been making a big push for creatives to pick a Surface device over the past year, and that's being reinforced even further with a new photo editing app.Affinity Photo is debuting on Windows today, a year after being first introduced...For users who aren't in those select cities, you'll still see public transit options arranged in a new way — instead of just showing a list of options, Google clearly calls out a recommended route and then groups other options by similarities.

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Google Maps has long had pretty excellent public transportation directions both on the web and in its mobile apps, and today the company is tweaking things to make them a bit more real-time — in a few specific locations, that is.

According to the official Google blog, Maps has just added more than 25 new real-time data providers for public transit in six locations: Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, the UK, the Netherlands, and Budapest.

We expect that'll change before long, however — Google's blog didn't say anything about this update being Android-only.

With Apple Maps finally likely to include transit directions (albeit in only six cities), it makes sense for Google to keep on refining its product so it can stay in the lead.