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They met at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles when Kregloe came to one of Mc Manus’s shows. Millions of people are out of work, children are dying of starvation and we’re still fighting over the definition of marriage. “Marriage equality will mean that the world is one step closer to being unified. I didn’t even tell my wife that I painted,” she says.

Her style is conversational, personal, provocative, and uninhibited.

Early in her career, Mc Manus was kicked off the stage at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles for being “too dirty.” She’s joked about masturbating as a young girl to images of Princess Diana but her favorite joke is a sing-along she wrote called “You Wouldn’t Fuck Me When I Was Fat, Fuck You Fuck You! “I mean, c’mon that’s the best reaction ever, right?

Most of us are not huge fans of retail-giant Wal-Mart, but they’ve extended their anti-discrimination policy to their trans employees and that deserves some praise. The NFL added sexual orientation to anti-discrimination language. This horrible: Canadian paper runs an anti-trans advertisement urging people not to teach or consider outside the binary gender dichotomy. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in psychology, focusing primarily on gender and sexuality research.

She didn’t talk to me for about three months because she felt that me not telling her sooner meant I had been lying to her. They were married during the small window between June and November 2008 when same-sex couples were legally granted marriage licenses in California - before voters passed Proposition 8, an amendment to the State’s Constitution that provided “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized.” In February, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional but has yet to lift the ban, pending further appeals.

It definitely took her some time but now my mother is the ideal supportive parent and she loves my wife, which is very important to me.” Her wife is Karman Kregloe, writer, musician and Editor-in-Chief of After “I really can’t believe the world is still fighting over marriage equality.

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