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It can be difficult to know if you’re that person but if you are this guide is most definitely not for you (if you’re that man or woman then simply step up and address the fact that you want out of your marriage).This guide is written for married people that are sick of the lack of sex in their lives but wish to maintain the marriage and can’t see a way to get the sex they want with their spouse.It’s for men and women that want to have great sex in an affair and keep their marriage together.

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If the affair is discovered you will likely lose everything though (many spouses can forgive a bad mistake on one night but an ongoing sexual affair is usually grounds for divorce) so you need to make a plan and stick to it.

One last note: There’s a certain kind of person that wants a divorce but is too cowardly to ask for one so they sloppily have an affair with the subconscious desire to get caught so they don’t have to choose to end the marriage.

The majority of affairs end in disaster because someone gets caught.

Either member of the cheating couple can be caught and it will likely effect both of you since the wronged spouses aren’t likely to keep quiet.

with someone you already know or someone you see all the time (think work colleague, someone at the gym, etc) is a great way to get caught.

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