how to write a dating advert - Midget sex meets

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'The night with the midget blew my mind,' he wrote in his new memoir'When I confronted her about it, she was insistent. In February, the couple confirmed they are expecting a third child together.

I don't want to go out and find someone because I don't want my friends to know etc.. I've heard of places in town that do these kind of swinging things which sound interesting and lads, before you do it, I'm not interested in you... Make sure you let someone know where you are going.

I know a friend of mine answered an add in the newspaper and it was from a high class lawyer who loved being spanked and tied up, he went and spent a few hours with her, but he was a bloke answering it, maybe you just need a site or add that is safe.

This felt like a Hail Mary play - I thought she'd walk out for sure. She was obviously shocked and stunned, but still went through with the shoot... I'm thinking she'll be really pissed when she figures out she got scammed.

Good thing that I'll be moving out of that office soon.