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Soon enough, Anna found herself, as she puts it, “in a fever,” working obsessively to create a virtual curriculum for the cultural classroom that is New York City.

The Ear Inn is a three-story Federal-style building tucked away on a quiet, tree-lined block in So Ho amid tall, sleek glass buildings.

Originally built in 1812 for James Brown, the African American who helped George Washington make his famous escape across the Delaware in the early days of the Revolutionary War, the squat building’s ground floor has served as a local tavern for nearly 200 years. In the mid-1970s, the building housed a group of artists who ran the pub and, with the help of Anna’s mother, published a music journal called “The Ear” out of the upstairs apartment where Anna and her mom lived.

Luckily for parents throughout NYC, she isn’t one to keep great finds all to herself.

Actually, she’s just the opposite—sharing the best that our city has to offer with her faithful Mommy Poppins followers. I was a new mother, a graduate student, and one of the first of my cohort to have a child.