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(window.device Pixel Ratio*screen.width+'x'+window.device Pixel Ratio*screen.height) :(screen.width+'x'+screen.height)); this.remove Attribute('onclick')" class="mi" group now has official all-ages and 16+ group chats, moderated by the admin account Tokotas ARPG!

Post the relevant link below in a skype conversation to join the chat of your choice. lol The Rite of Strength contains three choices for a prompt that can be completed in order for Pack Leaders' tokotas to gain their Arms of Akna.

Alternatively, add "Tokotas ARPG" and specify that you wish to be added to the IMEe Xu Os OS(Same rules apply, however, profanity and adult topics may be used and discussed to an extent) Yq HTC5ICOPY AND PASTE THE LINK INTO A SKYPE CHAT AND REMOVE THE SPACES BEFORE POSTING ITIt will be come a clickable link that will add you to the Tokotas Adult ? The options include a classic hunting prompt, exploring their wild heritage, and protecting the land they have such a deep connection to.

chat&blob=8H5g2Ov JKLhpv4ZWPAe0tnw2FGFpj FVEtr EUVf0w8v591_68r XS83ma Vx KGJ-HLzsj Ni Gzq CVGn Hzusk Gmahpce-hc41szo-X962TE3l W7O-z0b D76lykir ZHNzn Rrc CLv N_A2n3xr Q0Qb_-q YJ9f BMud Dfl BOIDGNRy_JV_2u Sfs DIsg5R6f Nd S0z QTBl TYc PLn X4P5Nd6x Kqmooya BD5v Gh KNu Dzl LZ5aqz W6x Uf Qq_c6p Yq HTC5IIf you haven't already been added this should be the correct link for the 16+ IMEe Xu Os OSAnd this should be the correct link for the all ages chat. The +16 chat link only gives me a chat that needs to be updated and the updated link skype gives me in the comment writing section goes nowhere...? Only one of these prompts must be completed in order to pass this rite.

So I'd really appreciate it if someone added me to the chat~~My skype address is [email protected] just Deenath. So I just copy pasted it into a convo me and friend were having and clicked it that way. :bigthumb6191538 Tribes and How to Form Them What is a Tribe?

You will be able to shape the identity of your tribe by buying specific benefits.