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And then, because semi-auto is for wimps, he switches the gun to full auto and invites her to fire a burst, at which point the video ends, because the kick of the weapon caused her to lose control of the gun and at least one stray round went into Vacca’s head, killing him instantly.

Still, we should note that Vacca did at least ensure that the young lady was wearing ear protection, so you really can’t fault him or the shooting range for their attention to safety.

But you can certainly get your hands on an Uzi at Last Stop, with supervision from a licensed firearms instructor, and that’s the qualification held by Charles Vacca, who taught the unidentified child how to handle an Uzi.

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One detail that’s just starting to get some attention: Last Stop isn’t exactly a traditional shooting range where you go to for target practice — it’s a genuine tourist trap /campground/burger joint/buy lottery tickets spot/impulse & pee stop on Highway 93 between Las Vegas and Kingman.

They’ve got ICE COLD Beer, a Full Bar, and Pool Tables, and their homepage crows that “LAST STOP Arizona is the Biker’s MUST STOP”: Sadly, that “Shoot a Machine Gun @ Arizona last Stop” slideshow seems not to be working today, but there are some fun videos of people shooting guns at Last Stop posted by the Las Vegas-based operators of the gun range, Bullets and Burgers.

Philip shooting the one and only .50 cal Barrett Sniper Rifle!!!!

We grabbed an excerpt from this very loud video from “Bullets And Burgers,” which shows how much fun kids can have at Last Stop’s full-auto gun range: Looks like little kids got to fire fully automatic weapons as a matter of course, with no interfering adult hands.

Not that Burgers and Bullets is cavalier about safety of course, as we see in this screenshot from their Facebook page: This is your lucky day!!!