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The interracial dating ban was not an obscure policy that was ignored by the last two or three generations of Bob Jones University students; it was an important rule that everyone knew.

Every student signed the rule book each year they attended BJU saying that they would obey BJU's interracial dating ban upon fear of the highest penalty available to BJU, EXPULSION.

Bob Jones III's daughter] is a big racist who hates blacks." Beth Engelhart, my former sister-in-law in a conversation with me.

Beth and Roxanne attended Northside Baptist Church in North Charleston, SC. Dean Robinson, Roxanne's husband, taught at Northside Christian High School and Roxanne may also have taught at one of the church schools.

A reader who takes the time to read all the posts in order will gain great insight into the thinking and duplicity of Dr. Quotes of the Day: "A Negro is best when he serves at the table," then quickly added, "I'm not a racist." Dr.