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    Hello (or evening) to all I've had two days a concern very annoying and hard to solve with my Habbo Retro R63b: s Infact when I run my client, it loads, then puts on a black page and nothing: ( I do not know where all of this can come. quests.globe.findtea.hint=Not everyone likes water. talent.track.citizenship.frame.title=Being a Habbo Citizen quests. quests.xmas11_37.2.desc=Good, but I am missing two mates... quests.monsterplants.1336982557533.hint=Take care of plants, and make them feel better, by tending to them. Habbo Way1.answer.3.0=The 5 most beautiful rooms of the Hotel! FINDFREEZEEXIT.desc=Double-click a Freeze Exit Tile. Stars quests.lympix2.tea3.hint=Form a T letter in your room with four of your friends. You never want to find yourself in this position- it's more uncomfortable than trying to perform the Nutcracker in the back of an Audi. title=Customer Support Center quests.prexmas11_1.2.desc=Find some other Habbos with the same hairstyle! habbowaypromo.caption=The new Habbo Way widget.memenu.settings=Settings quests.habboween_2012_7.user_is_dancing.desc=He's there, pulling the strings silently... BBLOCKTILE1.hint=You can lock tiles in your team color by bouncing on them three times. IV TO TOWN mysterybox.purple=Purple Box extend.expires_today=This offer ends today! quests.val12_5.1328180232264.desc=Invite your lover to dance with you. Keep on respecting and others will respect you, too. FREEZEWIN2.completed=Congratulations, you have completed the Freeze Winner II quest! VIP_Parties_1.sit_in_deckchair.completed=That's enough or you’ll get sunburn and look like a lump of bratwurst! quests.lympix1.queensguards.desc=You need to review the troops now. extend.basic.expires_today=This offer will extend your HC subscription for 31 days. You can't know that they are who they claim to be, and as soon as you click "send", you have no control over what happens to the photos. friendlytime.seconds.ago=%amount% seconds ago request.rejected.button=Close window quiz. Safety Quiz1.explanation.3.2=You should never share photos of yourself with someone you only know online. quests.xmas11_5.1.completed=So you originally came here for fresh air right ? To complete the quest you need to walk around the room. help.content=Be it a Furni, effect or the Hotel in general, Habbo Helpers are here to help. 2 quests.xmas2012_16.1355158588375.hint=Put on the ice effect - you may want to look in the Xmas Lounge ;) - and then warm up by a Beach Bonfire. quests.val12_2.1327419612190.desc=Be brave: Send your new friend a friend request! submit.6=Be sure to read and accept the rules before submitting your room to the competition. submit.5=Sorry this room is too old to enter the competition, choose a fresh room or create a new one for entering the competition! To proceed, unlock your room in the room settings menu. You will also not be able submit another room to this competition. It Off quests.habboween_2012_6. SNAKES SLAVES quests.habboween_2012_1.1349699937998.chaininfo=Step into the shadows, between life and death to discover what really happened ten years ago and destroyed the Fair... quests.xmas11_24.3.desc=Get together with friends and sing everyone's favourite Xmas song! Or maybe it's just on a diet of chewing gum and friend apples..? Safety Quiz1indication=2 hours till you can try again quests.xmas11_8.1.desc=The party is starting! mysterybox.context.title=Mystery box quests.xmas11_3.2.hint=Talk to the hunter in the forest: he knows the reindeer words you need to say. quests.xmas11_19.3.hint=Look for a sleigh in the Hotel and double click it. Safety Quiz1.answer.4.0=Yes, of course I'll give them my email! quests.xmas2012_6.xmas2012_6.chaininfo=It will soon be Xmas for them too, show some love! Once they have my address, they can use it for anything... Safety Quiz1.answer.4.2=I give them my email address, but only after they promise not to give it to anyone else, or sign me up to weird online dating sites. FINDFREEZEEXIT.hint=Find a Freeze game room with a Freeze Exit Tile. group.create.stepdesc.3=These colors can be used to customize your Group furniture talent.action.citizenship. MOVEITEM.desc=Start decorating by moving at least 3 items around in your room! quests.lympix1.looklike4.completed=You're a sensation! You have stacked this effect with Triggers (%triggers%) that do not provide an activating user. it's all messed up..." quests.battleball.searchtag=banzai quests.val12_1.1327412775782.searchtag= quests.xmas11_20.3.completed=Now you're nice and toasted. quests.val12_5.1328180232264.hint=Tell your lover to come dancing just next to you (at your left) under the Lantern of Lurve during at least one minute. quests.xmas11_26.3.completed=Good job but no answer unfortunately... talent.track.helper.begin.citizenship=BECOME A CITIZEN quests. group.member=Member quests.monsterplants.1336988219818.chaincaption=Plant Watchers In Paradise PETTOOTHERSROOM.completed=Bringing your Pet with you can be a great conversation starter :) header=Band of Bots! ACH_Safety Quiz the quiz quests.globe.animalgy.completed=Now Wallace can rest in peace, in the ground... resolution.failed.text=You ran out of time to complete the resolution. page.0.correct.description=Play with friends, create your own games, kick ass and take names! It might even pay off to let your friends get one in... STAGS quests.xmas11_32.1.desc=All the best for 2012! Habbo quests.lympix1.1343121901227.hint=Change your looks to prepare for the games. Respect 3 different Habbos - spread it around among your people! In this quest you need to hunt around the Hotel to find different looking plants. body=To be able to chat again, you first need to read through our new Safety Policy and then complete our Safety Quiz. yourstatus=Your status: wiredfurni.params.settimesingame=Amount of times per game: %times% quests.freeze. mysterybox.error.inactive.owner.message=Activate this box by completing daily quest chain. Outback Trail jetset4.roomcomp.header=Time to vote! Jungle.submit.bodytext=Build an epic Tree-Fort to escape the dangers of the jungle style and enter it in our room decoration competition to earn sweet, sweet prizes! badge.symbol=Symbol quests.monsterplants.1336392370797.hint=Your Monster Plant is now panicking about his teeth! friendlytime.hours.ago=%amount% hours ago At Home I quests.lympix1completed=Moving! STACKITEM.desc=Now it's the time to try stacking your furniture! quests.val12_7.1328044427325.hint=Go to another room with at least one other Habbo in it and try to find a partner. FREEZEBOMB3.hint=Freeze 7 players from opposing teams to complete this quest. VIP_Parties_1.sit_in_deckchair.desc=Every VIP has a tan. quests.hstars_3.have_10_fans.completed=You're truly a star ! group.created.title=Welcome to your Group's Homeroom! Dance to celebrate every dead soul of the Fairground and to let the Fairground be reborn! FREEZEBIGGERBOMB.desc=Collect a Bigger Bomb Power-up to complete this quest. quests.lympix2.stags.hint=Find a room with 5 Habbos that wear a reindeer hat. I mean sensory deprivation chamber, will make everything better, I promise." wiredfurni.params.requiredformationsize=At least %furnis% Furnis match state/ location page.2.correct.title=Find that special someone widget.dimmer.button.apply=Apply to room quests.xmas2012_21.1355329233322.desc=The Snow Siren has been defeated, let's celebrate! talent.track.citizenship.level.4.unlock=Now that you've earned your wings as a Citizen, why not have a taste of everything we have offer with a complimentary VIP membership for a few days? quests.lympix2.majesty.chaininfo=We need you to be the Queen's stand-in. FINDFREEZESCOREBOARD.hint=If you're not already in one, find a FREEZE game room and look for a Red Freeze Scoreboard. Language I VIP! wiredfurni.params.formation.0=Row wiredfurni.params.formation.1=Column quests.xmas11_10.3.completed=How romantic... my skill status Worship quests.lympix1.1343136539353.completed=Good job? Use the cosmic rod to light up the night and illuminate your surrounding. Habbo Way1.explanation.4.2=Though we certainly frown upon corruption, we trust that in this situation, you'd be able to explain that you and others like you, are always happy to help, and that they shouldn't have to pay! group.showmygroups=Show my Groups UP quests.lympix1.1343138237864.completed=Well done! Study their living environments, the bug hills and double click on three nests to close them up, and see if you can cut down on their numbers a little. Area quests.globe.findcrocs.hint=There's so many crocodiles wandering around, try and find five crocs of different colours. A Horse OVER THE TORCH community.meter. quests.xmas11_9.1.hint=Find a DJ table and double-click on it to complete this quest quests.freeze. Fruit II competition.prizes.breed Monster Plants.yourrankinfo=You're almost there! group.kickconfirm.desc=%user% has %amount% Furnis in the Group homeroom.