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Many of these domain names have been owned for several years by Online Dating Magazine.

In fact, at least one (and maybe two) of the kills is a retread from the first appears to be a success, and as children (of all ages) continue to play the game of "would you rather die by drowning or burning?

", the macabre fascination over how, when, and where our personal demise will greet us seems like something that shall always remain.

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trailer that bothered me, it was the way that it looked... My eyes couldn't take in the whole image within the frame because they were naturally focused on the pronounced image that was lifted off the screen. I've come to accept the of gimmick of 3D as it relates to animated kids films, horror flicks, and B-movies, but movie is a stand alone clean slate production that - after resetting, for any newbies, the hook of the film - simply tries to one-up the inventive kills of the chapter that preceded it.

If I decide to not get out of my car and retrieve that sheet, a passerby might slip on it, knock over a can of gasoline sitting in the edge of the curb, which will then pour on over to the guys using a blowtorch next door, and ... So, think about what you might have just done the next time you spill a bit of beverage on the floor of your coffee shop as you leave.

held me less than the previous two, mainly because David Ellis blows his wad in the film's opening sequence and never fully returns to form.

Yes, it appears that I am still unconvinced that 3D will be the future of cinema.

Perhaps "the 3D experience" will dominate the future of movie going - as in what generates box office traffic (and adds $3-$4 to each ticket price) - but as far as enhancing the art of cinematography... But, admittedly, my skepticism comes from the view of a fan, not an artisan or technician, so, trust me, I am not coming at this with a pitchfork mentality nor picket sign in hand.