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This is no different with the EU guy, and EU guys will seek women who will accept them and their limitations. And when these women really start to feel the pain of what they’re not getting, they start asking painful questions: does he care about me?

The question is, do you want to be one of these women?

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Once you identify your pattern of chasing emotionally unavailable men, consciously begin to focus more on what traits you want in a man, instead of focusing on what traits you do not want.

If you have a tendency to fall for men who do not commit, appear uninterested, or cheat on you, what you have is an unhealthy pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men.

You may be doing this unconsciously due to self-esteem issues, according to psychologist Seth Meyers in his Psychology Today article, "Why Women Love & Lust After Unavailable Men: Traumatic Love." Or, by pursuing an emotionally unattainable man, you may be trying to win his love as a way of unconsciously proving your self-worth.

For example, a man who is going through a breakup, is not over his ex, too focused on his career, or is carrying emotional issues from childhood may not be emotionally ready for the relationship you deserve, according to behavioral scientist Christie Hartman on her website.

An emotionally unavailable man coming out of one or more of these situations will likely build a wall to avoid emotional intimacy and be unable to commit to you.