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In January, 2012, Afilias, the technical back-end provider for .xxx, announced that the 3-month old extension had over 200,000 registrations. Michael Berkens notes via his blog that as a result of the championships, there was a great deal of public interest and acceptance regarding

However, more than half of these were not signed into the root zone, meaning that many of the registrations were defensive acquisitions by trademark owners, reserved names, or pre-blocked domains by ICM Registry that will never be resolving domains. Other parts of ICM Registry's marketing plan include video ads featuring a character, Gavin, who flashes between living his normal life with his address and his possible new life as a rich porn dealer, made possible by

ICM Registry announced in September, 2011, that it would be sponsoring world champion Mike Seebold's powerboat. The initial stint sponsored by ICM will see the bus, plastered all over with the logo, traveling Florida and eventually a conference in New Jersey, though there appear to be plans to use the bus and actresses at other future events as well. The media blitz was scheduled to last at least 5 weeks. PROTECT YOUR REPUTATION." In May 2013, a settlement was reached between Manwin Licensing and ICM Registry, in which ICM registry agreed to significant financial concessions in order to settle the case.

As of June 2, 2013, had 122,000 active registrations, after a peak at 142,000 in December 2012. Some of the more controversial Gavin videos, such as one in which two porn-star types suggestively play with a hotdog, were pulled from You Tube as "deceptive." Apparently, 4 or 5 videos had been yanked by You Tube.

During May 2013, ICM Registry cut the prices for names down to .com-level prices, resulting in a large number of registrations during that month. Also in Fall 2011, ICM Registry became a main sponsor of the "Porn Star Road Trip," in which porn stars travel for two week stints in a large bus to various nightclubs and industry events.

The total reserve list is rumored to be about 15,000 names; this list includes the world's capitals, culturally sensitive affiliations such as various spellings of "Mohamed," and premium names that they intend to auction.

conference in Fort Lauderdale, a week before its racing debut at the World Championship in Key West. XXX boat won for place in their class at the World Champions Final, despite the boat having trouble on two prior qualifying races.

At the end of November, 2011, a few weeks before the general availability of domains, ICM began a media blitz on prominent German and British cable T. In November 2011, Manwin Licensing International filed a lawsuit in response to ICM Registry advertisements that used pressure tactics, such as running ads with wording like: ". ICM agreed to donate $2 for every domain created into "a fund designated by Manwin to support the adult entertainment industry".