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Dan and Serena have always been Dan and Serena to me, so I haven't spent much time wondering about Penn Badgley and Blake Lively, the couple, or how awkward it must have been for them when they broke up in 2010. This is a scene from a Season 2 episode, which aired in 2008 — about a year into Lively and Badgley's relationship, although they wouldn't have been dating for that long when it was filmed. Even if you don't know they're dating in real life, you can tell these people actually at least like each other. In this scene from Season 5, Dan and Serena have an impromptu hookup during a time when Dan is beginning to have feelings for Blair, and Serena is missing her old flame.

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It’s always a really exciting thing when your fave TV couple takes their romance off-screen.

although according to Badgley's recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, he definitely seems to have taken it in stride. Because of their breakup, Badgley admitted that Blake Lively was both his worst and best on-screen kiss. You know, anything is complicated in that way, but we handled it.

Badgley's exact answer: I'll say Blake [was the best] because we actually had a relationship at the time. Somehow, this is something I've never considered while watching the show before.

It's been almost three years since Gossip Girl ended, but thanks to Netflix, it's still in regular rotation on my TV.

And aside from Blair and Chuck, Dan and Serena are unquestionably my favorite couple on the show.

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