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“Where they went to work, where they went to school…and your friend understands your taste: you like lawyers, you don’t like bankers, you don’t like people who aren’t over 5’7, et cetera.”Instead of using your location to show you matches, Hinge shows a list of about 20 potential dates once a day that’s curated from friends of friends (of friends).

You’ll see their full name, school and other information from their Facebook profile—which is how you sign up—but updates aren’t posted to your Facebook timeline.

She says ideally, Hinge will foster serendipity.“You can meet someone totally new, but also be very likely to discover you have friends in common, or other similarities based on the network and how matches are made,” she said.

She says they’re betting on people looking for relationships, rather than sexual hook-ups.“One on hand, it limits the pool to choose from, but on the other hand, it creates more commonalities, and perhaps more chance of friends, schools, or past experiences in common, all of which are quick bonds in the early conversations with a new suitor,” she said.

Pringle is also the writer and director of Avatar Secrets, which is an interactive documentary that explores connection online and off.