Questions to ask in online dating email Adult cam paypal

Generally speaking if they are interested they will ask you things. I guess in the situation where they arent asking, you could ask them if they want to know anything about you.

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Do they sometimes initiate an exchange, after you've taken the original initiative?

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I realize that sometimes women have to send the first email, and I do that sometimes.

much or most will be responses in the form of being said, if you found your POF exchanges satisfying, you wouldn't be here asking for analytic help.

perhaps a more salient question than 'am i being asked enough questions? ' if you've made a couple honest attempts to goose the exchange and you're still not, probably time to the way, props for willingness to make the first move. It's not that you're expecting a questionnaire :) But, some effort must be made by both parties to keep a conversation afloat...