Rate your mates dating website

In strong relationships both partners value the other’s contributions.

In weak relationships, one partner overvalues his or her contribution and devalues the contributions of the partner.

Over time, one partner may begin to do more or less than the other, which results in resentment and discontent.

A sum over 50% of the possible total indicates a favorable rating in that category.

Refer to the corresponding Comments for the 50% threshold. Fairness means each partner does something that enhances the couple’s lifestyle: each receives the benefits of their joint efforts.

While the test is not scientific, it deals with issues most couples face.

The results can help you determine the odds of maintaining a strong, healthy relationship. After rating each question, total your score for that section.

For example, if both partners communicate well, and are able to validate the other’s thoughts and feelings, their relationship has a good chance of surviving, in contrast to a marriage between one spouse that argues passionately and another who retreats into silence: resulting in failed communication. Orbuch’s research suggests that couples who use constructive styles of conflict resolution are more likely to stay together.