Red sox fan dating yankee fan

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Red sox fan dating yankee fan Blacksex chart room

She’s at home in the red metal seats taking it all in; she’s truly there to watch the game. She’s as passionate about her team as she is about her men. Don’t be surprised if she waits until between innings to lean over and kiss you.

She’s not one to cheer on more than one team at a time. For her, there’s only one—even when it’s the bottom of the 9 inning and all seems lost. When her back is to the wall, she doesn’t hang her head in defeat, she turns her cap inside out and around because it’s rally cap time. She’s ballpark bubblegum on a sweltering day in Fenway, the smell of fresh grass and sunshine.

She’s blue cotton candy melting in your mouth, staining your fingertips with memories that will last forever.

Her all-American charm is mixed with the brooding love of the game.

If you actually get the privilege of taking her to Fenway and she doesn’t talk to you, don’t take it personally.