Romsip table is updating

/** * Returns all fields created on the system of the type defined in mymodule.

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'_suffix1_as_used_in_hook_field_schema'; $column2 = $field_name . '_suffix2_as_used_in_hook_field_schema'; $spec = array('type' = 0.0); db_change_field($table, $column1, $column1, $spec); // old and new col are same db_change_field($table, $column2, $column2, $spec); // old and new col are same } } return t('Database columns converted to double precision.'); } In addition to this, you may want to re-calculate and re-store existing data as double precision numbers.

This means you'll have to query and update all existing rows in all tables associated with the fields by the type defined in your .

*/ function mymodule_update_7101() { $fields = mymodule_get_mymodule_fields(); foreach ($fields as $field) { $table_prefixes = array( _field_sql_storage_tablename($field), _field_sql_storage_revision_tablename($field) ); foreach ($table_prefixes as $table_prefix) { $field_name = $field['field_name']; // eg 'field_dimensions' ; $table = $table_prefix .

$field_name; // Convert two db columns from float to double precision $column1 = $field_name .

As in previous versions of Drupal, you can update database tables for new versions using a hook_update_N() function.