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People from the USA and Canada know almost nothing about it except the only thing – Russian women are the best women on our planet.

The foreigners who already married Russians always admit that they seem to get much younger and stronger. You may go to absolutely any city of European part of Russia and you will not trust your eyes because the number of attractive beauties who definitely have no boyfriends will shock you.

Russian women are the best inspiration for Western men. Don’t be afraid of approaching them and talking because Russian people are very open and they really like foreigners (and especially foreign accent).

It means that a lot of good and handsome young man cannot find their significant other in their home town or country and have to do it either abroad or online. Of course it is very important to treat women with proper respect and so forth however feminists usually go too far.

Men (and it isn’t important in what country he lives) cannot go against the nature and fall in love with women who do not look feminine and who do not even try to do that.