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Find out how he secured close to half a million with only a handshake... It should include: The intro should set the scene so you want to read on.

Here's another example, using a teaser I wrote for a Word Biz Report article on "online marketing tips from an offline pro." Example #2 BEFORE Article title: Great Web & email copywriting tips from an offline pro Teaser: Donna Baier Stein is a direct response copywriter who has written a book and gives frequent seminars.

" It may seem counterintuitive but this is as an essential part of the intro. I'm offering a taste of the specific tips the reader can get by clicking through. Include Specifics As explained above, this may seem counterintuitive.

I didn't actually use the "before" teaser in the example above. I had to force myself to come up with some specifics and an element of drama to make this teaser work. These attributes are key and you usually have to give something away in order to create them. Make it clear you've gotta read the piece for the solution.

Note how Ann Handley included the following sentence in the teaser for this article: "Hint: reveal a choice tidbit or two in those first 50 to 100 words... In Ann's words (in case you hadn't noticed, she writes all the teasers for Marketing Profs): Sexy means fun, interesting, intriguing, compelling. 5 Tips to Write Compelling Teasers Let's recap the five specific tips to write can't-resist teasers and increase your click-throughs for the full story: 1. Give Away a Choice Tidbit Tell just enough of the story--and make it intriguing--that the reader begs for more. Use a Twist This is my secret ingredient to a successful teaser.