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One narrator recalled that Sheldon Adelson himself made jokes about Jews “knowing” [biblically] other Jews on the trip.

Beyond the right-wing worry about, you know, young Jewry’s impatience with the terror-laden, nationalism-driven, human rights-trampling Occupation, those like Birthright’s organizers are also concerned that Jews may be spreading their seed too often with scary Gentiles.

This queer man, despite his dovish tendencies, distaste for right-wing “anti-assimilation” efforts, and critiques of Israel, is not completely displeased when a Birthright ad featuring smiling, shirtless, muscular Jewish men surfaces on Facebook. Allow me to explain, though I should note first that I have not been on Birthright; my own visits to Israel have largely been to see relatives. That said, program advertisements regularly show up in my email and Facebook newsfeeds.

Furthermore, Birthright’s marketing is indicative of wider Israeli tourist marketing, and is thus worthy of deeper examination. Now, it has been made very clear by Birthright’s very special bankrollers and other promoters that one of the targets of Birthright is to have Jews, ahem, breed with other Jews.

That moment of the trip is constantly featured: shining, muscular AEPi brothers and bikini-clad Jewish ladies smiling and beaming on sandy dunes.