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Hopefully this is of no concern to you, because you don't behave like that anyway.If you're not sure what dress style is appropriate, have a look at what the local people are wearing and ask for some advice.This is VERY important in Sharjah and Ajman where Shariah law is strictly enforced.

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Harassment includes unwanted touching, conversation, insults, rude gestures, glaring, shouting, stalking, and just about anything you would normally consider to be rude basically.

Just to be clear, yes, sex between unmarried couples is considered illegal in the UAE.

This legal attitude extends to even minor public displays of affection such as holding hands and kissing in public which are socially unacceptable in the UAE and there have been arrests for such behaviour.

Many of the laws in the UAE are based on Sharia law and you should keep that in mind at all times.

For starters, like many Middle Eastern countries, the UAE has the death penalty for serious crimes such as murder, rape, and treason.