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THAT IS WHY SWEETANGEL IS SO SUCCESSFUL WITH HER CAREER BECAUSE SHE IS BUSINESS SAVVY AND HANDS ON WITH EVERYTHING AROUND HER!!!! --Noah Angel, you are just that: an Awesome Notorious Gifted Electrifying Live -Wire All I can say is you will never be duplicated so DO WHAT YOU DO WHILE YOU ARE DOING IT. Much Love, Max Hi Sweet Angel, I really loved your performance. I hate I missed the beginning of your show, usually they save the best for last - in this case - I missed the best as I was told at the Show Down you were the Show! hi sweet angle this is rosie i met you last night at the 5th annual southern soul showdown and i like your music and i hope to see you agin in El Dorado Arkansas soon but send me some of your music and i hope to be come one of your bigges fan so wright me some time are send me a ticket so i can come and see you Mike and Sweet, I am so glad that we met. Lady P I sure wish I was going to be able to check out seet angel on the 15th. In fact I played the cut'sharing your man' from her recent release,on my radio show last evening. Please let Sweet Angel know I gave her a shout out and to keep on doing what she does well Daddy-G "I LOVE MY MAN" WOW Angel all of your songs are really really good but you got me on this 1 it's on fire with sensitivity and emotion, all the ingredients of a real love song you go sis. He did it to Denise's friend (this is just Denise's character in the song story) and so then Denise screwed him, did a great job, and then dumped him and then told everybody and now is saying to him "now, run and tell that! I looked up your record label and found that Denise is on the same label that you are. I immediately thought of "Sweet Little Angel" by BB King and knew you were a blues singer. "Mike's Place"-----------------Sweet Angel The reincarnation of Della Reese, with all the latent vocal power that suggests. I live in Memphis, TN and heard your song Handle Your Business on the radio - where can I get the cd at, I've been calling the stores and they said they do not have it yet.

You know, maybe a group of promoters could get together and reopen Club Paradise so you all can really pack the house. I luv your new song I'll rather be by myself.thang is off the chain.up the gud work and I will see ya on the bus trip in and tell Mike I said hello.

Thank you again Audrey Elliott You couldn't have said it better, not only are you a Bold Bitch, you are a Bad B, girl I enjoyed the show Saturday night.

Thanks, William Hunt "SWEETANGEL IS A REAL BAD CHICK, HANDS DOWN!!! U all got d crowd hyped up , only 2 b brought dwn 2 a all time low! Maybe we can share music tips although i am not out as much as you. i grew up on but you let me say you stole the show el Darado i came from texarkana to follow my favorite and show love 2 j.floyd i'm so glad i came.

Along with the packed house, you all can a bigger dressing room.:) Just wanted to let you know how great the show was and now I am getting ready to put on my CD. Hello Sweet Angel, Just got familiar with your music, i am a seasoned vocalist myself and just wanted to touch basis with another sister who is doing it and I do enjoy your music and hope we can become friends.