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Smith co-hosted FNC's coverage of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge live from Buckingham Palace.In 2011, he also reported live from Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami and during the nuclear threats.Early during his career at FNC, Smith held the positions of New York-based general assignment reporter and senior correspondent. Smith was a Los Angeles-based Fox News Edge (1998) correspondent, where he covered a wide range of stories for the FOX affiliate news service, including the crash of TWA Flight 800, the Montana Freemen Standoff, the 1996 Presidential campaign, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

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11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the subsequent war in Afghanistan; the Columbia Shuttle disaster in 2003; the war the United States waged against Iraq (2003-2011); 2005's Hurricane Katrina, covered from the French Quarter as an impending threat - and its aftermath from Mississippi, including the recovery efforts; the funeral of Pope John Paul II in 2005; and the Middle East conflict during the summer of 2006 from the Israel-Lebanon border.

He was also one of only two television correspondents to witness the execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy Mc Veigh in June of 2001.

Shepard Smith anchors Fox News' signature evening newscast, Fox Report w/ Shepard Smith (1996), and anchors the 3 p.m. ET portion of Fox News Live, Studio B (2002), the network's daytime hard news programming. Before joining the network, Smith was a Fox News Edge (1998) correspondent in Los Angeles, where he covered a range of stories for the affiliate news service, including the crash of TWA Flight 800, the Montana Freemen standoff, the 1996 presidential campaign, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Smith joined Fox News as a general assignment reporter for the New York bureau in 1996. and Iraq; Princess Diana's funeral; the murder of Gianni Versace and the O. He also worked as a news reporter for the Twentieth Century Television syndicated program, A Current Affair (1986).

He provided extensive news coverage and analysis of the anti-government protests and civil unrest in Egypt and in Libya.