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It’s our goal to assist in finding the cause of pain or tension associated with dysfunction, imbalance, injury or disease, not just temporarily relieve it, using therapeutic massage designed especially for you.

PLEASE NOTE – ANNA IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE – PLEASE EMAIL TO MAKE A BOOKING – MANY THANKS Having lived a full and well travelled life, and struggled with back and neck pain for many years, Anna has learned the importance of well-being and living a stress-free life in order to live longer, fuller and freer.

We use therapeutic massage techniques designed especially for you.

We acknowledge that that there is more than just one factor affecting our tissues and state of mind including exercise, nutrition, breathing, hydration stress levels, chemical imbalance and illness and injury.

Eating well can bring great rewards for your health, happiness and longevity.

Whatever your goals are: weight loss, sports performance, increased energy, looking at your diet is the first step to achieving them.