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Clothes should be tailored and they shouldn’t be pulling anywhere.Regardless of body shape, there’s always a way to create a silhouette that’s flattering for you."3.

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Don’t Be Guilty Of The 'Buy Without Try': "A lot of women buy clothes in a hurry, try them on at home and find out that they don’t fit, that they don’t like them and then they just don’t bother to return them.

I recommend that you go in every six months for a fitting to make sure everything is secured and of course, comfortable! Don't Wear What Doesn't Fit: "A pretty common sense tip but one that often get's forgotten about.

Don't wear things that are oversized if you're trying to hide parts of our body and don't wear things that feel too tight once you've poured yourself into them.

At first glance, London's shopping and wardrobe tips may seem like common sense, but as she told us, "most women know what to do already but they just don't do it." Things like taking the time to try things on in the store before you buy them and not wearing things that just don't fit, along with those fashion do's and don'ts that often get swept under the rug in favor of a great sale.1.

Lock and Load: "One of my absolute musts is for women to go and get their bras fitted.