Stat tracker not updating phone rules dating

Using another destiny stat tracker my elo placing is around 200th: Beast The Duck/9But in destiny tracker im placing around 2000: Beast The Duck I know the formula is different but more than a 1000 places?

The Live Stat Tracker used to work on my laptop but no longer does. All I get when I launch it is the ad bar on the bottom of the screen but the stat section never shows up.

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Stat Tracker enhances your Fantasy Sports experience by monitoring the progress of your teams and leagues in real-time.

If you're attempting to use Stat Tracker on a mobile device, try using a different Web browser. In Internet Explorer 11, click the “Tools” icon, select “Safety” and then click “Delete Browsing History.” Place check marks next to “Temporary Internet Files” and “Cookies” and then click the “Delete” button. In Internet Explorer, press the “Windows” key to return to the Windows 8 desktop, click the “Internet Explorer” icon on the task bar, select the “Tools” icon and click “Internet Options.” Click the “Privacy” tab and remove the check mark next to “Turn On Pop-up Blocker” under the Pop-up Blocker heading.

Disable any additional ad blockers or spyware protection associated with your Web browser and try to load Stat Tracker again.

I've followed the instructions and cleared my cache / saved files / etc. It used to work, but hasn't for the past 2-3 weeks.

Yahoo Stat Tracker helps you keep tabs on your favorite sports teams and athletes -- but only if it’s working properly.