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And when done - not appropriately curated or delivered.

Misinformation or lack of information cause further confusion and problems.

This is our attempt to bring this important conversation out of the closet. " The series has been heavily researched and ratified by some of the foremost medical experts, top hormonal, gynecological doctors of the country.

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While his wife, the much pregnant, Shireen and mother, Mataji gets torn between this mad conflict and helps Pappu & Papa find peace, balance and, of course, add a lot of their own masti to it.

A 5-part fiction series premiering on the Y-Films You Tube channel tells a story that will deliver information across different themes related to sex/ sexuality.

The show will talk about masturbation and periods, condoms, pregnancy and homosexuality which are otherwise considered a taboo will be shown in a clean manner and a lot of humour.

Adds producer-director, Ashish Patil, "The 2nd most populated country in the world, in spite of being the home of texts and temples such as the Kamasutra & Khajuraho... Most parents clam up when having to talk to kids about the 'birds & the bees'.

Sex education is not even provided in most schools.