Updating a chipped wii

I got no internet connected up so via game disk or via DVD? What are the potential problems of updating with a chipped Wii? Am i able to play all region games on my PAL Wii with Wiikey v2 installed? I installed the homebrew channel and Gecko OS and it happily plays Wii Fit PAL and Wii Play PAL. I have a wiikeyv2 in an NTSC Wii and it wouldn't play Wii Fit PAL or Wii Play PAL.That said, we encountered some problems when trying to update our system to add Netflix–we didn’t want to lose our mod. Those of you who have a Soft Modded Wii know that a firmware update will kill the hack.

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----------------------------- Cannot discuss on these forums (sorry) 6. Yes install it for all the best homebrew (also ensure you install CIOS rev 10) Mate i would advise to do some research on Cheers Tim If you do not want to damage a $350 machine either use a drivekey or do a wired install of the wiikey2.

It's that time again folks -- the moment when you're rushing out of the house, but you make the oh-so-wise decision to head in even later rather than leaving that glowing Wii unattended.

Today, Wii owners in Europe, Japan, and the US can download a shiny new firmware update, which institutes a new digital clock on the main menu, a few "aesthetic changes to the Wii Shop," an updated Forecast Channel window, a "Today's Accomplishments" note on the message board, and a made over Wii Shop that "changes the way Virtual Console games are ordered." Also of note, some users are reporting that a message appears before updating that states: "If your Wii console has an unauthorized technical modification, this upgrade could cause interoperability of your console." Of course, this shouldn't come as a surprise considering the Big N's crackdown on modders, but in our single attempt of updating a Wii left on standby, the aforementioned statement did not appear.

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