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In the event that you were not provided with your CSR hashes, then you may use our Online CSR Decoder.

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This guide applies to importers of fish and the or canned product was processed adequately and is safe to the end of its shelf life, technical information is required on the control measures, critical limits and critical factors used to prevent, eliminate and inhibit the growth of microbial food pathogens.

The technical information which should be included in the process control documents depends on the type of product as outlined in the product specific sections.

Validation includes obtaining and evaluating technical, empirical and scientific information though a literature review and/or challenge study.

A challenge study is where the relevant microorganisms are deliberately inoculated into the product to determine its ability to support survival or growth of the organisms during storage at defined temperatures.

So I recently ran into an issue where I wanted to create a custom control that was basically two inputs that output to one piece of data.