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Please note: high quality forskolin should have no side effects, but it should not be used while pregnant or nursing.Contact a physician if you have a serious medical condition but still want to use the supplement. You may have already heard about the natural supplement forskolin by now – after all, it’s become increasingly popular in the last few years among people who are looking to lose weight, help with asthma, reduce the negative side effect associated with heart disease, and treat a wide range of other common ailments.

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With so many natural supplements on the market today, it can be difficult to know which products produce the best results – however, forskolin has been used since the 1970’s, and has been recommended by many medical professionals for its plethora of health benefits.

In fact, the supplement even featured on the popular syndicated television talk show, The Dr Oz Show, where the host recommended the product to blast belly fat.

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Forskolin is a natural supplement which has been derived from the herb coleus forskohlii – part of the mint family of herbs – which can be found in Nepal, Thailand and Sri Lanka.