No register free webcam fuck room - Wdlxtv live webinterface updating umsp plugins

The WDTV is a line of media playing/streaming products from Western Digital.

wdlxtv live webinterface updating umsp plugins-5

I was mostlu responsible on the dev team for maintaining the web interface, but I also played with other parts of the code (for example I upgraded the Samba component used for network sharing).

My biggest contribution was developping a configuration interface called WEC (Web End Configurator), which provides other developpers with a pluggable framework allowing them to easily add new entries to the configuration webpage for their own add-ons.

WEC allowed end users to migrate from a somewhat error-prone configuration method involving editing a Linux shell script, to a simpler point and click web interface.

I also did a pretty good facelift to the main web interface, with the help of Psycho THC who provided all new icon artwork (see before, and after the revamp).

The Live and Live Plus versions also feature an Ethernet port, and are able to stream your media from your PC or a NAS onto your TV screen.