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I've got the censors up and running on satellite TV - but I just didn't think about music: the online sites, the music channels.

'We download stuff from the internet mostly, and from sites where we can send it free to our mobile phones,' she said. It's everywhere now - on our computers, phones, i Pods.

It's just not a big deal any more.' But it is a big deal for her mother: 'As a parent, we thought we were pretty much switched on, I've got the internet covered with some parental controls.

Sally had just copied what she sees and hears all around her; songs on the radio, music videos on TV and graphic, uncensored lyrics posted on easily accessible websites - which she can look at, without restrictions, at any time of day.

Sally told me she and her friends watch the music channels together in the evenings, on sleepovers to dance and sing to, and that they 'learn a lot of the rude stuff there'.