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Clearly popular with his cast mates, Daniel appeared to be the life and soul of the party as he put on a close knit display with them in front of the cameras and enthusiastically greeted one female in attendance.

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Chris Neumer speaks to up-and-coming actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead about life in Hollywood. CHRIS NEUMER: That’s when you work out the hand signals ahead of time? I’m going to preface it with this: I was talking with Josh Lucas recently.

The two touch why being mobbed on the street is bad, being vulnerable is good and why Winstead occasionally finds it necessary to think about her family being killed. MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Yeah, got to get that down. I was talking to him about acting for the screen versus acting off the screen. People kept coming up and going, “Oh Josh, I need a picture of this.” He was like, “Great, great.” Then these people would come up and smell awful and he was like, “Wow, this is great,” and he would roll his eyes when he got back.

You find yourself in situations where you have to put on a front, where you have to put on a happy face even if you are frustrated or annoyed.

I think actors are in those situations all the time because we are constantly being put in situations where you have to be smiling.

If you are not happy that day, you have to be nice to everyone around you if you want to get ahead. I don’t feel that I do that too much because I am a pretty happy person in general, so it comes pretty easily to me.