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In the same month, the site was subjected to a severe DDo S attack, which briefly put it offline.

The user base reached 1 million in July 2007, and 10 million in April 2008.

Founder Pavel Durov launched VKontakte for beta testing in September 2006, having just graduated from St Petersburg State University.

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User registration was initially limited to within university circles exclusively by invitation, but the site still grew quickly.

In February 2007 the site reached a user base of over 100,000 and was recognized as the second largest player in Russia's nascent social network market.

An ordinary expense is an expense that is common and accepted in the taxpayer’s trade or business.

A necessary expense is one that is appropriate for the business.

Although many common expenses are deducted on designated lines of the tax schedule, some expenses may not fit into a particular category. A breakdown of “other” expenses must be listed on line 48 of Form 1040 Schedule C.