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As we learn, they’re lessons on the order of “Every day is a gift” and “Gratitude is a gift.” I’m sorry. Directed by Michael Landon Jr., who has made a career out of producing and directing clean, inspirational movies for the faith community, “The Ultimate Life” sets out to show us, in flashback, just how Red (played by Austin James as a teenager, and later by Drew Waters) came to these epiphanies. That’s pretty much all Red cares about, from his first job as a ranch hand after running away from home in the 1940s, to his ownership of a giant company in the late 1960s. Shillingburg, based on a novel by Jim Stovall) is painfully formulaic.

Little happens along the way to make him stop and reflect about life’s deeper meaning, until an episode late in the film, which feels so forced, heavy-handed and cloying that it leaves an aftertaste of plastic tubing and high fructose corn syrup in the mouth. As for the film’s production values, it looks and sounds slightly less professional than a made-for-TV movie, with costumes, hairstyles and set dressing that look thrown together on the cheap.

One scene, meant to be taking place in 1941, shows a rancher (Peter Fonda) peeling money from a wad of $20 bills that are clearly of contemporary design, not introduced until 2003.

But such sloppy attention to period detail is the least of the film’s worries.

Such gaffes will likely not be noticed by viewers, most of whom will have fallen asleep by that point.

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