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These sistas were smart, funny, classy (except for Lynn at times), fashionable, and did I mention funny? In real life, Ross is still known for her fashion sense, and after a period of being in and out of the public eye, she got back to television and had a few film roles.

“Girfriends” was black women’s own version of “Sex and the City,” but something they could relate to just a little bit more (not everyone can splurge on Manolo Blahnik shoes like some people). She was the den mother, and a low-key fashion icon.

Golden Brooks When this show started, for a while there, I couldn’t stand Maya Wilkes. ” and had too much of a paranoid mindset and bad attitude.

But the more I watched her, the more interesting she became (and funny!

The bougie real estate agent who prided herself in being all about the mighty dollar made the show crazy without going over the top.

She caught chlamydia while creeping on her artistic boo, tried to sleep with Joan’s man, fell out with Joan, got married to a white Jewish man, had a baby, went through some sort of depression or denial about motherhood, got divorced, fell out with Joan again, became a great mother, went through a custody battle, and wound up moving to NYC (and ended her friendship with Joan).

Jones left the show after her contract ended, and after that, she had a few interesting parts here and there.