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How many of you have a long distance dating relationship? So we spent that year working on our home improvements. we have had an open relationship for the past 2 years and it works great for us.Kathy and I were attending Towson University, near Baltimore. This year one of her long time girlfriends convinced her to transfer to the University of Virginia in Richmond. relationship where my wife openly dates older men (usually 50+). Things have moved very fast for both Kathy and Roger, with the help of their friends Jan and Greg. Which included building a back deck (The Oasis) and adding a hot tub. We are taking our time to get married but know we want to do it later.

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We have been in this kind of relationship for 4 years now, and we have been very happy since we started it, met a lot of people and have a lot of fun. Roger has played around out side of her ***** and has shot his ***** all over her vulva and used it for lube to make her ***. My bf loves hearing about me and what I do when I go out with Jason (the...

I, like many men, am turned on by other men's interest in my beautiful wife.

Her kiss was very hot and she told me that I was tasting...

She used to think it odd and a bit funny but also quite liked the freedom to flirt.

Over the years I convinced her that having other men as friends was OK and that I was not at all jealous. Pam came up to my apartment around 1 AM and she looked very sexy.