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Our unique approach to providing entertaining and interesting activities means we are a great alternative to singles clubs in Bristol.

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Activity based events such as wine tasting, cooking classes and quiz nights are great fun because you have a topic of conversation with the other singles.

Our cookery events sell out quickly and feedback is fantastic.

We also offer more adventurous leisure activities that really set us apart from the usual singles clubs in Bristol.

As the leader in the singles events market, we like to offer a variety of dating events.

There is something for everyone, from speed dating to singles and activity based events.

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    something that requires thinking about how you would handle a certain situation.....what they see as cause and effect, ie;"We are in a restaurant having dinner.......lean over and whisper something in my ear that makes me smile......did you say? I can then know her career goal, lifestyle, her view of the world and life, what is important to her, what made her the person she is, etc, etc, It is a fire starter and the conversation can last for hours. She will feel an adrenline shot and a strong bonding to you.

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    Athens Open Tour gives you the opportunity to see the city from above combining pleasure and education and is the perfect choice for you and your family!

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    After all, these ladies and gentlemen are there because they are also looking for mature dating for over 60s, 50s or even 70s.

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    The pair, recently signed by Dify records, definitely clash with the typical singer/songwriter we’re used to hear.